Infrastructure Technologies

Infrastructure Technologies

Susan Legg Executive Director


Cloud Infrastructure & Managed Operations

Jon Kozik - Assistant Director

  • Managed Cloud Services (MCS) / Campus Cloud infrastructure (CCI), cloud services for moving from on-prem servers to secure, supported Amazon Web Services hosting
  • Managed Servicesconsultation for moving on-prem infrastructure to cloud technologies

IT Services Management

David Gerlach - Director

  • ServiceNow, implementing the ServiceNow platform for ticketing, automations, inventories, and other features
  • Contact Center, providing the Amazon Connect solution for campus inbound and outbound contact centers 

Identity & Integration

Rhonda Royse - Director

  • Identity & Integration, protecting University systems and services through secure authentication 
  • Access Management, controlling access to UAccess systems to protect private information and system security 
  • Identity & Access Management, streamlining authentication systems and improving access provisioning as part of ASITS. More about Identity & Access Management.

Infrastructure Technologies is also coordinating the rollout of the ASITS program technologies.

Organizational Chart for Infrastructure Technologies (UAccess login)

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