Support Services

Support Services supports the University’s mission by making technology accessible to everyone, helping people understand the benefits and risks to different decisions, and to see technology not just as a tool, but as a solution.

Michael Medina Executive Director

UITS Support Services is dedicated to provide technical support and resources to ensure University members access and fully utilize current and available campus infrastructure and services. Our goal is to delight every customer, to ensure you understand and utilize the technology, services, and resources that are available to you. In other words, we make technology accessible to everyone, and help people understand the benefits and risks of different options. We see technology not just as a tool, but as a solution.

What can we help you with? - We offer 24/7 support via walk-in and chat-telephone. Contact us to learn about all the support tools provided by IT Service Management.


24/7 Support Center
Clancey Dollard - Director

24/7 Support Center

The 24/7 Support Center provides answers and assistance with campus IT services and personally owned technology. Get support at

  • Anna Streight
  • Michael Nicolosi

Service Continuity

Service Continuity provides 24/7 monitoring of campus systems and enterprise infrastructure. Get help from Service Continuity.

  • Kevin Harper

Self Service & Training

Self Service & Training creates and maintains the ServiceNow knowledge base and IT support training. About Self Service & Training.

  • Kevin Milton

User Support
Jeff Albano - Director

Technology Lifecycle Care

Technology Lifecycle Care program is improving University cybersecurity through enrolling and managing employee workstations in unified endpoint management. See

Desktop Support

The Desktop Support team provides the dedicated IT support teams for employees in departments who have contracted for TLC Extended. 

  • Todd Craig
  • Natalie Ramirez

Classroom & Computing Lab Services
Brandon Howell - Assistant Director

Office of Student Computing Resources

Office of Student Computing Resources provides Tech Zone locations that include lab computers, support with software, and in-person tech support. Read more at

  • Karina McCune
  • Katie Lee

Classroom Technology Services

Classroom Technology Services offers support for faculty using centrally scheduled classrooms. Get support at

  • Brandon Howell

Support Systems Administration
Walter Ries - Assistant Director

Support Systems Administration

Support Systems Administration provides expert software management for the Support Services teams, including administering UEM, Microsoft requests, VCAT, and other applications.

Custom Applications Support

Custom Applications Support provides support to applications for campus units that contracted with UITS for custom solutions.

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