Administrative Technologies

Administrative TECHNOLOGIES creates and implements innovative technology solutions used to operate and manage the business of the University of Arizona, with the direction of cloud-first, that will better unlock the potential of employees to increase efficiency, transparency, and access to pertinent data.

Mark Felix Interim Executive Director

Administrative Technologies works collaboratively to support the applications and business units at the University through multiple projects of different stages of implementation and maintenance. Large-scale projects include University-wide often referred to as “enterprise” applications that impact the finance, human resources, and research aspects of the business of the University.

The teams in Administrative Technologies offer several layers of application development and support. An example is when code updates are offered by the software vendor and reviewed for technical specification by the developers. Business analysts review the update for value to the end-user business case. Once an update is determined to be of value for university purposes, developers process the update and any custom changes needed in a test environment. Working groups collaborate with business users on potential changes to application and determine optimal time to commit changes.

Process Flow Admin Tech

Changes from software vendors come in different forms, such as software patches, regular vendor code maintenance, system upgrades and setting or configuration changes. There are also occasions for University-initiated changes. These system changes most always require some downtime, and always require careful documentation, testing and communication with stakeholders by the Administration Technologies teams.

Major Enterprise Systems supported in the Administrative Technologies Portfolio:
The list below are just a few of the department’s portfolio of systems supported

  • UAccess Financials (Kuali)
  • UAccess Employee (Oracle) product development
  • UAlert (emergency alerting system)
  • Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (interface with UAccess Employee)
  • Edge Learning – product development
  • UAccess Research (regulatory security and integrity of data)
  • eIRB (regulatory security and integrity of data)
  • eDisclosure (regulatory security and integrity of data)
  • Contract Information System (DocuWare)


Thomas Gostas
HCM and Financials Architect

Yvonne Lorch
Process and Product Manager

DJ Parslow
Financials Technical Lead

UAccess Research

UAccess Research is the University of Arizona’s sponsored research administration system.

  • Laura Lukomski

Contract Information Systems

This service provides increased efficiency, transparency and access to pertinent data through a campus-wide contract management and storage system.

  • Laura Lukomski

UAccess Financials

UAccess Financials is the University of Arizona’s comprehensive financial system. 

  • Lori Swanson

UAccess Employee

UAccess Employee is the system of record for University of Arizona employees.

  • Teddy Lopez

EDGE Learning

EDGE Learning (Employee Development, Growth, and Engagement) is the learning management system containing online training for University of Arizona faculty, staff, students and researchers.

  • Teddy Lopez

UA Alert

A tool that delivers emergency alerts to registered UA students, faculty and staff – as well as their friends and family – via their cell phones, mobile devices and/or email accounts during a campus emergency.

  • Teddy Lopez


eDisclosure is the university’s consolidated disclosure system for Conflict-of-Interest submissions, research certifications and Conflict of Commitment form submissions.


eIRB is the University of Arizona’s system for submission and review of research involving human subjects.

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