Human Resources & Organizational Development

Human Resources  together with Financial and Administrative Services, Organizational Development, and Marketing & Communication are part of the shared services to provide organizational support to all of the CIO Division, Office of Compliance, and Planning Office that supports the CIO Division, University Planning Office, and Office of Institutional Equity.

Chris Wolf Senior Director

UITS Human Resources supports employees and managers with a range of services and programs designed to help them succeed and thrive in their roles. With several hundred employees across the divisions, UITS Human Resources, in concert with University of Arizona Human Resources, engages in and partners on a wide variety of critical functions, including:

Talent strategy and acquisition

Provides guidance and assistance in identifying, evaluating, and hiring the best talents. Assists in onboarding new employees and familiarizing them with the organization culture.

Employee Engagement and Development

Performs activities related to performance management, professional development, career advancement and health and wellness to keep employees engaged, motivated, help them thrive in their career, and empower them to create healthy work-life balance.

Navigating changes

Provides guidance, assistance, and support to navigate changes in employees’ personal and professional lives such as leaves and retirement.

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