Key IT Initiatives

We are partnering with academic, research, and administrative units throughout the University to help advance departmental missions, enhance productivity, and leverage cost-effective IT infrastructure.

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IT Centralization

Information technology plays an important role in helping the University accomplish its teaching, research and outreach mission. As part of the University’s financial action plan, UITS is centralizing information technology across the institution to create operational efficiencies, standardized processes and procedures, and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Accelerating Implementation of Secure IT

Accelerating Secure IT Services

UITS is partnering with campus units to implement secure projects and services across the institution to reduce risk and modernize our technology infrastructure.

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Supporting Data Informed Decision Making

University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) is a division of the Office of the CIO and the facilitator of the university's Enterprise Data Warehouse. Empowering University of Arizona decision makers to leverage data, information, and analytics in order to inform policies and practices to benefit students and institutions on campus.

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Modernizing Campus Telecommunications

The University is migrating off its 30+ year old telephone infrastructure to a cloud platform that integrates phone, voicemail, chat, SMS text, and videoconferencing into one app, providing greater flexibility to users. It is also migrating to a hosted e-fax solution.

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Google Storage Limitations

Google's upcoming storage limitations for educational accounts will impact the University of Arizona. UITS is providing guidance around the use of Google Workspace for Education (CatMail) accounts by constituent groups in order to bring the University into compliance with Google's new policies.

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Improving Constituent Relationships

The Trellis team oversees the enterprise Constituent Relationship Management strategy and systems that support personalized interactions and communications across the University. They support the 360-degree student experience and help faculty and staff  manage engagement. 

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Modernizing Campus Financial Systems and Practices

UITS and Financial Services will implement a new system to provide increased financial clarity, a more standardized Chart of Accounts, and more streamlined business processes for budgeting and financial management at the University.

Past Initiatives

Optimizing Campus Email Systems and Practices

UITS is working with campus partners to optimize campus email services while balancing unified branding, optimal user experience, legal best practices, information security, technical overhead, and identity management. 

Contract Information System

The UITS Administrative Technologies Team supports the development and implementation a centralized contract storage system, a University strategic initiative designed to increase efficiency, transparency and access to pertinent data.

Enterprise Learning System

UITS Administrative Technologies Team supports the development and implementation of the employee development, growth and engagement program, a modern, mobile-friendly system designed to streamline the process of completing required trainings and, ultimately, provide professional development opportunities.

CatNet 2.0

The University of Arizona’s second-generation implementation of a centrally managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD) service leverages on current Microsoft AD security best practices to enhance the security of AD resources by providing autonomy to create and manage AD resources necessary to meet business and academic needs while removing the burden of maintaining AD core infrastructure. This security tier model isolates risk and aligns with UA Information Security Office standards.

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