Secure Network

Secure Network

To meet best practices for network operations and security, UITS has implemented new policies and infrastructure across the campus network to ensure network access enforcement via only authenticated users and devices.

Security of Network Infra Chart

The first phase added the 802.1X policy across the UITS managed wired network. It requires users or end-user devices to be authenticated to get on the wired network—wired network registration—similar to the way members of the campus community log in to access the campus wireless network.

The second phase replaces individual customer-provided equipment (splitters or hubs plugged into access ports) with switches provided and managed by UITS. network. After replacement those UITS managed switches are configured with 802.1x policy to ensure secured campus wired environment.

The third phase replaces department-managed network environments and equipment (e.g., router, firewall, VPN, NAT devices, private address space changes) with UITS-managed network, following the best security practices and standards.


With these enhancements, the University will be better able to:

  • know who is accessing the campus network
  • secure the network
  • collect network metrics
  • respond to audit questions
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