Campus Cloud Infrastructure

Campus Cloud Infrastructure

Campus Cloud Infrastructure (CCI) is a service that can allow you to replace traditional on-premises Linux or Windows servers with cloud-based server instances hosted on the Amazon Web Services EC2 platform.

When you request a new CCI server via the Campus Cloud Infrastructure request form, UITS deploys a standardized EC2 instance with Amazon Linux 2 or Windows Server 2019/2022 in the AWS cloud for you within a UITS-managed AWS account. The UITS Cloud Services team handles the server and network configuration and provides you with a secure means of connecting to your server instance via SSH or RDP.


Customize the request for a new CCI server instance to include provisioning of the following services:

  • CCI for PCI Compliance, which is designed to serve the needs of payment card merchants in the university community who must meet the requirements for PCI-DSS SAQ-A for e-commerce card-not-present merchants. CCI for PCI allows you to partner with UITS to more easily achieve PCI compliance with a pre-hardened secured Windows or Linux virtual server instance deployed by UITS and hosted in a UITS-managed AWS account. UITS attests that a new CCI for PCI server instance is compliant according to the SAQ-C requirements at the time that the instance is initially made available to you, and on an ongoing basis for the aspects of the service over which UITS retains responsibility. You should still undergo your own PCI assessments annually to attest that the aspects of the environment for which you are responsible remain compliant.
  • CCI for High Availability, which provides a secondary server to run in parallel in order to provide persistent connectivity to critical web application services. An AWS Application Load Balancer directs incoming traffic between the two servers in order to maintain uptime and share the load.
  • CCI Web Server Functionality: While all CCI EC2 server instances are deployed on a private network, an optional public-facing or campus-facing Application Load Balancer can also be deployed for you. This load balancer acts as a simple reverse proxy allowing web traffic from the public internet or, if desired, only from UA campus/VPN, to reach your server. A custom domain name can be assigned to your CCI instance's load balancer if needed.  
  • CCI Catnet 2.0 instances: CCI Windows servers should be provisioned as Catnet 2.0 domain-joined resources where possible. CCI is an excellent way to automate your Bluecat server deployment.
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