Zoom Phone Project

About Zoom Phone

The University is launching an all-new telephone system to give you access anywhere you go. Zoom Phone will be a new feature added to the Zoom application you’re already familiar with.

The first phase of the project adds Zoom Phone internal extensions (Basic account) for voice calls between all University employees and DCCs with Zoom accounts. Zoom Phone Basic is now active as of July 31, 2021.

The second phase is moving University phone numbers from the current service to Zoom Phone, for those who need to place or receive external phone calls as part of their work. This phase will roll out beginning fall 2021. (UITS will not be adding Zoom external phone numbers or 911 dialing for remote sites that are not on a UITS-managed network.)

The phone modernization project will also investigate a campus fax solution.


  • Make and receive calls from your existing Zoom app on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone or tablet
  • Use your cell phone for work calls without having to use your cell number
  • Headset can be requested for using with calls over computer/laptop
  • Desk phone available if needed
  • Voicemail with automated transcription included
  • Easily move from a voice call to Zoom Meeting (videoconferencing and desktop sharing)
  • Intelligent call routing and auto attendants available
  • Accessibility features
  • Supports 911 calling

What This Means for You

With Basic (internal extensions), you have the Phone option in your Zoom app and can use it for internal calls with others at the University with an internal extension.

Prior to your department’s implementation of moving external phone numbers, the business manager from your unit will receive a survey from UITS regarding phone usage in the unit. If you have a University phone number, you will be asked at that time to fill out a form with your phone information and requirements.

If you decide to retain your University phone number, it will move to Zoom Phone the day your department migrates. Your phone number will stay the same. There will be a short interruption of service on the migration day. If you require a desk phone, you will be able to request a new one compatible with Zoom Phone. Your old phone will no longer work and will be collected.


Why the Phone System is Being Replaced

Zoom Phone offers integrated options that provide flexibility to meet modern business communication needs. The current phone system for the majority of campus was installed over 30 years ago. The infrastructure is outdated, expensive to maintain, and does not meet modern communications requirements.


How Zoom Phone was Chosen

Representatives from across campus put together a Request for Proposals with criteria including accessibility, price, support model, and security requirements. Over 20 responses to the RFP came in, and a team of campus business, accessibility, and technical experts scored the responses to arrive at Zoom Phone as the top candidate.


Information and Support

Zoom Phone Project FAQs

Zoom Phone service, with FAQs and How-to’s

Contact zoomphone-support@list.arizona.edu with questions.

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