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Managed Cloud Services


UITS is offering Amazon Web Services cloud hosting to campus units who move off local servers. Colleges and business units benefit from a significant savings in server infrastructure costs and management. The University benefits from increased security and the advancement of its Cloud First policy.

Managed Cloud Services Chart


UITS assumes the risk and management for you for:

  • Network and server infrastructure
  • Automated backups
  • Automated patching
  • Network traffic logging
  • Network vulnerability scanning

Manage your MCS and CCI cloud services in the Self-Service Portal

Managed Cloud Services

The most mature cloud service offerings available from UITS.

UITS is hosting multiple services in the Amazon Web Services cloud, ready to use. These include various SQL databases, Oracle, and web hosting options. 

You will not have to pay for licenses for any of these software titles, and UITS handles all application installs and patching.

MCS server infrastructure is free of charge to all colleges and divisions who utilize UITS-architected solutions.

SERVICES in the UITS-Managed AWS cloud


  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • Nginx-PHP web servers
  • Static Website content management & delivery for large media libraries
  • Redirect service

More about Managed Cloud Services.

Campus Cloud Infrastructure

Do you host software on a local server not yet included in Managed Cloud Services? Leverage AWS server space in the campus cloud infrastructure for your own uses, on your choice of a Windows or Linux platform.

SERVERS in the UITS-managed AWS cloud

WINDOWS (CatNet 2.0 domain joined)

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022


  • Amazon Linux 2 (based on RHEL/CentOS 7)


  • High Availability instances in multiple Availability Zones
  • PCI-DSS–compliant environments

A great way to get started in the cloud if there's no Managed Cloud Services offering to meet your needs yet. 

More about Campus Cloud Infrastructure.


Office Hours

The Managed Cloud Services team has office hours every week. Please join us on Zoom to ask questions and provide feedback.



Contact the UITS Cloud Services team to learn more about the services:


We're really thankful to be one of the first customers. The challenge we have is that Biosphere 2 does not have dedicated IT staff, but had on-prem servers that were end of life. Managed Cloud Services and CCI have alleviated the need to have to worry about the infrastructure, the machine itself, and just think about the applications that we need to deploy for our researchers and our department’s needs. Everything from OS updates to security, it’s been really great to have UITS handle that. All the team have been very knowledgable.
—Wei-Ren Ng, Electrical Engineer, Biosphere 2


The AWS MySQL database solution provided by UITS allowed us to migrate away from MS SQL and into an open-source database. We saved several hundred dollars per year in MS SQL licensing fees and allowed us to remove a dependency from a vendor so that we could become more agile in the future. The MCS team worked quickly and thoroughly to help us hit our migration deadline. The service has been working flawlessly for over a year now, with no downtime or performance issues.

We had a great experience working with the MCS team and are planning to migrate existing infrastructure to them. We did not need to become experts in cloud technologies to take advantage of the MCS offerings, which helped accelerate our adoption of the AWS cloud and take advantage of what AWS and MCS together provide.

—Dirk A Timmermann, Director of Information Technology, College of Public Health

Other UITS Managed Services

  • Automated standardized provisioning using Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Right-sizing of scalable resources
  • Network configuration
  • Automated backups
  • Automated patch management
  • Security monitoring services
  • Network flow and API call logging
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