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Igniting a New Era of Technology Transformation

Technology at the University of Arizona is essential to the mission of research, teaching, and learning and is the foundation to the academic and administrative operations of the campus. With a new future on the horizon, UITS has taken this unique moment to emerge with even more robust service capabilities than we offered before the pandemic. 

The office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) works in collaboration with department and college IT units to enhance student experiences to connect, discover, and engage with the University, curricula, and beyond. The CIO supports research for innovative solutions for global challenges and embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship and the values of diversity and inclusion.

The Chief Information Officer is the University of Arizona’s senior information technology executive and is responsible for the oversight of campus-wide information technology functions and strategy. Reporting to the Office of the Secretary, the CIO advises University leadership and strategic partners on the general management of campus operations through the UITS division and by leveraging and leading IT partners across the campus in collaboration with faculty, staff, and students. 

Chief Information Officer: Barry Brummund 

Office of the CIO organizational chart (UAccess login)

University Information Technology Services (UITS) has over 300 employees and an annual operating budget of approximately $77.6 million. It is the University's central IT unit and provides enterprise-level technologies and services that are broadly consumed, core to central administrative business operations, and tend to offer substantial economies of scale. UITS partners with academic, research, and administrative units throughout the University to help advance departmental missions, enhance productivity, and leverage cost-effective IT infrastructure. 


Administrative Technologies creates and implements innovative technology solutions used to operate and manage the business of the University of Arizona that will better unlock the potential of employees to increase efficiency, transparency and access to pertinent data. UAccess Employee, Kuali Financials, UAccess Research and other enterprise systems are just a few of the department’s portfolio of systems supported.

Executive Director: Timothy Schwab 

Administrative Technologies Departments

  • UAccess Employee
  • Kuali Financials
  • UAccess Research
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Enterprise systems implementation and project management

Administrative Technologies organizational chart (UAccess login)

The CTO supports the mission of the University through optimizing digital experiences  
and empowering human interactions for students, faculty, researchers and staff. Collaboration, information sharing, and technology enablement innovates instruction and student success. 
Chief Technology Officer: Darcy Van Patten

CTO Departments

  • Administrative Technologies
  • Digital Experience Technologies
    • Campus Web Services
    • Trellis CRM
    • Email and Collaboration
    • Integrated DX
    • Applied Innovation
  • Student & Academic Technologies
    • UAccess Student
    • Academic Technologies

CTO organizational chart (UAccess login)

Trellis website

Communications & Marketing is responsible for creation and distribution of UITS communications and marketing materials. Messaging internal to the Division of the CIO and external to campus includes multi-layered channels including digital newsletters; email; photo and videography; curation of digital graphics for digital signage and infographics; and marketing materials on behalf of the UITS department and campus for students, faculty, staff and researchers in service to the University’s mission.

Senior Director: Kelly South

Communications & Marketing organizational chart (UAccess login)

Finance and Administrative Services and Human Resources & Organizational Development work together to support the business activities in UITS. Services include providing financial, budget, oversight, and account and business functions.

Executive Directors: Susan Richards (Finance) and Marisela Celaya (Human Resources)

Finance and Administration organizational chart (UAccess login)

Human Resources & Organizational Development organizational chart (UAccess login)

Foundational Technologies is the department that provides campus wide enterprise network services, including secure internet access, Identity and Access Management. Support services, Research Systems and Managed Support systems, Networking, and Service Management.

Deputy CIO: Lanita Collette 

Foundational Technologies Departments:

  • Information Security Office
  • Networking
  • Research Systems and Managed Cloud Services
  • Support Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Service Management

Deputy CIO/CISO organizational chart (UAccess login)

The Information Security Office assists campus IT community partners in protecting the University’s computing and information assets and complying with information-related laws, regulations, and policies. Members of the ISO provide information security training, best practice recommendations for the campus network and community, and coordinate the University's information security incident response.

Chief Information Security Officer: Lanita Collette 

ISO Departments

  • Security Engineering
  • Security Operations Center
  • Governance Risk & Compliance

Deputy CIO/CISO organizational chart (UAccess login)

Information Security website

Campus IT Partnerships supports the mission of the University by collaborating with the University's IT community and championing campus resources that take advantage of more modern IT practices.

Executive Director: Maysoon Eshelman 

Campus IT Partnerships organizational chart (UAccess login)

Support Services supports the University’s mission by making technology accessible to everyone, helping people understand the benefits and risks to different decisions, and to see technology not just as a tool, but as a solution. The 24/7 support via walk-in, chat-telephone and Amazon Connect contact center are just a few of the support tools provided by IT Service Management.

Executive Director: Susan Legg

Support Services Departments

  • UITS Desktop Support - tier two and three level support for networked devices
  • 24/7 Support Center – end-user support requests via walk-in, chat, telephone, work request form
  • Contact Center – Support customer support centers via Amazon Connect
  • Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR) – computer labs for open use and instruction
  • Technology Lifecycle Care – provision-to-refresh workstations and support

Support Services organizational chart (UAccess login)

OSCR website

Research and Discovery Technologies provides critical core services and infrastructure in support of the institution’s enterprise and research efforts and activities. These core cloud services also enable the University to move forward with innovative technologies that support both research and administrative processes.

Executive Director: Jeremy Frumkin 

Research and Discovery Technologies organizational chart (UAccess login)

University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) provides data and data services to the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), Executive Office of the President, Senior Vice Presidents and their respective units, academic colleges and divisions, service and support units, and other campus partners.

Executive Director: Ravneet Chadha

UAIR organizational chart (UAccess login)

UAIR website