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Whether you need computational resources or just use basic technology services, we provide resources and support for you to conduct research at the University.

UITS Research Computing Resources

UITS offers time on its HPC resources at no charge to university faculty, researchers, students, and staff. The specification and refreshing of HPC resources and is overseen by the  Research Computing Governance Committee.

In addition, you can colocate your own hardware in a secure, monitored environment at UITS.

If your research requires secure environments for regulated CUI or HIPAA data, UITS can set you up to be compliant.

If you have questions about computational research in general or about using UITS HPC systems, talk to an expert.


Visualization consulting helps researchers to create computer-generated images and animations as graphical representations of their data. 

Experts can provide consulting assistance with statistical analysis and software to researchers at any phase, from pre-proposal to post-publication review response.

If you are using HPC, you will have HPC storage included. 

All researchers are eligible to use Tier 2 storage for their non-regulated information.

Campus Research Resources

RII supports core facility research resources and research services centrally funded by the University.

Use the national cyberinfrastructure for life sciences research.

Take advantage of all the University Libraries' Data Management, Data Science & Visualization, and Geospatial applications and resources.

Join a community of research students, faculty, and staff who can help with skills development and questions about computational research and data science.

Need information on other services? Check the IT Service Catalog.

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