UArizona AWS Organization

Nov. 14, 2022

Joining an individual AWS account with the UArizona AWS Organization provides significant benefits and protections

Many campus users of AWS cloud services have used their University email address to create an individual AWS account that is not a member of the UArizona AWS Organization.

If you are using your AWS account for non-University purposes, we recommend you change your account to use a personal email address. If you have an unused account, such as one you created in the past to participate in a class or workshop, you can close it

If you are using your AWS account for University work or research, consider that maintaining an individual AWS account is often more expensive and requires your unit to assume more cybersecurity risk.

UITS recommends you join your account with the UArizona AWS Organization. By joining, your unit can take advantage of significant financial benefits and information security protections, including:

  • AWS cost savings

    • discounted cost for most AWS services
    • alerts for anomalous spend (> $50 increase in a day)
    • monthly spend reports and KFS accounts billed directly for AWS spend
  • Option to connect securely to campus networks on private IP space via Transit Gateway
  • AWS Security services
    • alerts for malicious behavior within or toward AWS accounts
    • best practices recommendations for providing least privilege access to AWS accounts
    • consolidated, prioritized findings from AWS security services to assist remediation of threats
    • guardrails for UArizona AWS accounts to prevent malicious behavior
  • Logging of API calls to accounts and network traffic via Splunk


See the Amazon Web Services catalog page in ServiceNow for more information and to submit a request to join your account to the UArizona AWS Organization. You may also reach out to with specific questions.

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