UITS Support Services Update

Nov. 14, 2023

Re-organization of department to optimize service delivery

As the Division of the CIO moves forward with the Accelerating Secure IT Services program, in addition to ongoing functions, Support Services has made some organizational changes to optimize efficiency and services, offer more comprehensive support, and prepare for an increased demand for our TLC Extended support.

The four main teams continue to include:

24/7 Support Center (Clancey Dollard, Director)

  • 24/7 Support (Anna Streight, Michael Nicolosi)
  • Service Continuity (Kevin Harper)
  • Self-Service & Training (Kevin Milton)

User Support (Jeff Albano, Director) 

  • Technology Lifecycle Care Program
  • Desktop Support (Todd Craig, Natalie Ramirez)

New top-level teams now include:

Classroom & Computing Lab Services (Brandon Howell, Assistant Director) 

  • Classroom Technology Services 
  • Office of Student Computing Resources (Karina Mc Cune, Katie Lee)

Support Systems Administration (Walter Ries, Assistant Director) 

  • Support Systems Administration
  • Custom Applications Support 

Please feel free to reach out to Support Services teams with your questions or concerns. 

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