Email Change on Employee Separation July 1

Feb. 28, 2021

Retirees must opt in to keep a University address

Access to email and Office 365 for employees and DCCs separating from the University is changing.

As of July 1, 2021:

  • Retirees will be allowed a 60-day grace period of access to their work email and Office 365.
  • During that time, retirees may opt in to keep a University email address, although the email will use the University’s CatMail service (Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals).
    • Existing retirees will get a 60-day grace period starting July 1, and lose their University email address if they haven’t opted in by August 29.
    • Emeritus will keep access to work email after their application process is completed.
    • All other employees/DCCs separating from the University will lose access to Outlook email/Office 365 immediately.
  • Any employee/DCC/retiree separating from the University who is a current or former student will automatically have their email address rerouted to CatMail.

These changes are being implemented to:

  • Better align University email practices with business and security best practices.
  • Continue providing University email service to the 28% of retirees who use it.
  • Reduce the financial and overhead costs of maintaining unused accounts.

Employees and DCCs are provided with work email and Office 365 accounts to conduct business on behalf of the University.

  • You should not be using work email for personal email.
  • Work that your team needs to access should be stored in a team space.

Information and Support

See the Email Changes on Employee Separation project page for information, FAQs, and How-To’s.

Contact the 24/7 Support Center with email questions or support needs: