Senior Director for Research Technologies
Jeremy Frumkin

Jeremy's University portfolio includes leadership of Systems Services (Cloud & Open Systems teams and Microsoft infrastructure and platform team); the research computing team, Controlled and Regulated Research Support team and UA Vitae.

Jeremy is responsible for contributing to a cloud-first vision for the University’s IT infrastructure, overseeing UITS services that provide the campus the necessary server-based and operational solutions to serve their enterprise application needs. He is also responsible for ensuring researchers have the support they need through UITS’ research computing unit, which oversees the university’s high performance computing (HPC) systems, controlled and regulated research support services, and other research computing services.

Jeremy has been with the University of Arizona for over 15 years. His experience in higher education, including time spent as a librarian, associate dean, and now as an executive director. He has a BFA in Art History and a Masters in Information Science, both from Florida State University.

Organizational Chart for Research Technologies and Sytems Services (UAccess login)

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