New Reset Process Protects Passwords

March 28, 2022

The 24/7 Support Center has a new, faster, more secure process for resetting NetID passwords

Using NetID+, support technicians can quickly verify your identity, rather than taking you through a lengthy survey of personal information.

If you have Duo Push (the mobile device app for NetID+), the verification is having you read back the code on a push sent from the 24/7 while you are working with them. If you don’t have Duo Push, you can be verified by:

  • the 24/7 calling the NetID+ phone number on your record
  • using your hardware token
  • having you confirm a NetID+ bypass code

The recent increase in phishing and identity theft has led to:

  • more University students, faculty, and staff needing to reset compromised passwords
  • scammers contacting the 24/7 directly to attempt stealing a password for an account

The new process for verifying your identity is faster, and better protects your password.

Please continue to be wary of email, text, or phone call attempts to get you to divulge information, click a link, or download an attachment. If you have had your NetID password compromised, contact the 24/7 Support Center at 520-626-TECH (8324) to reset it.

Remember, do not approve a NetID+ verification if you are not the person who initiated it. You can add more NetID+ options to your account and print bypass codes at