FCC Requires 10-Digit Dialing Starting October 24

Sept. 9, 2021

Include area code with the local number

A new, national Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiative will affect your telephone dialing beginning Sunday, October 24. You will need to dial the area code along with the phone number for local calls if you are calling from an Arizona number in the area codes:

  • 520, 480, or 928

People with some area codes in other states will also need to use 10-digit dialing.

You can start using 10-digit dialing now. After October 24, it will be required for local calls within the affected area codes.


  • You will not need to dial “1” before the area code for local calls.
  • If you currently need to dial “1” before the area code for long-distance calls (for example, when calling from a landline), you will still need to.
  • If you leave off the area code after October 24, a recording will inform you that your call cannot be completed as dialed. You must hang up and dial again using the area code and the 7-digit number.
  • What is a local call now will remain a local call after October 24—no charge.
  • Any 911 or other “11” services will remain a 3-digit call. 


  • Make sure numbers on any contact lists that dial for you (like on your mobile phone) include the area code.
  • If you have call forwarding set to a local number, include the area code.
  • Check your email signature, website, and stationery to ensure you include your area code.
  • Check any other equipment or service that may dial out, such as fax machines, alarm or security systems, or medical monitoring devices.


The FCC has created a new 3-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988.

Area codes that have local numbers starting with 988 are switching to 10-digit dialing.