Email Changes Coming March 10

Feb. 21, 2020

"External" banners, and an address for employees

You will see some changes starting Tuesday, March 10 in campus email systems.

  • Send As
  • External Sender Notifications
  • DMARC Security Implementation 

Send As

The first project on this list is the next step after receiving as was implemented last September. By popular request, including UAVoice, the University is moving to for a simplified branding and email experience. 

This change is being applied to all accounts of those who are doing business on behalf of the University: faculty, staff, DCCs, emeritus, and student workers with Catworks accounts. The email address for retirees, students, former students, and alumni will continue to be  

You do not need to take any action—this will happen automatically. You will still receive emails that were sent to and it will not affect any other customiztions you may use, like or 

Sympa email lists ( will be out of service starting 8:00 PM on Monday, March 9 and will be offline until UITS has finished updating all affected email addresses in subscriber lists.

Logins to campus systems where you use will remain for now.

External Sender Notifications

This change will be the most immediately visible, and will apply to everyone receiving email in a central University system—UAConnect (faculty/staff) and CatMail (student). 

Email coming from outside a central University system will get an External Sender Notification (ESN). The notification [EXTERNAL]: will be added to the subject line and a message will be inserted at the top of the email body:   

Subject: [EXTERNAL]:

** External Email - Use Caution with Attachments, Links or Sharing Data **

This will help you identify phishing emails that pretend to come from someone inside the University. Not all external email is spam, but you should take extra care before opening attachments, clicking on links, sending private data, or performing a financial activity with external email. 

The Email Project Team is working with departments across campus to get exceptions from this rule for other campus email systems and email from departments' third party vendor accounts (e.g., MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.). Some of these may not have completed the exception process by March 10 and might show an ESN. 

DMARC Security Implementation

The fnal change is one that will not visibly affect your use of email at all. The University will implement monitoring of Arizona emails in DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance). This is a security measure that is being increasingly implemented by institutions, including the federal government, to validate the identities of senders and recipients.

Learn more about DMARC and why we are implementing it. 


You can find out more about all these projects at the Email Projects webpage and FAQs

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