Changes to NetID+ logins, Duo Mobile app

Oct. 4, 2021

You will see a new 2-factor authentication experience while logging in

On Monday, October 11, UITS will perform an update to Duo Security causing a small change to your NetID+ experience during WebAuth logins.

After you enter your NetID and password to log in, you will go to a Duo-hosted webpage for your NetID+ authentication:

Some new benefits include:

  • Remembering your last used means of authentication. If you selected to send a push to your Duo Mobile app, after that you will get the mobile app push without having to click to request it. You also have the opportunity to change your option.
  • Using your preferred language based on your browser/OS settings— English, Spanish, French, German, or Japanese

Complete your two-factor authentication as normal, and you will be automatically redirected back to the application you are logging into.

The webpage for someone who uses the Duo Mobile app would look like this:

"Verify your identity. Check your phone for a Duo Push."

Duo Mobile

In addition, Duo is releasing an update to its mobile app Monday, October 11, which will provide a new look when you are approving logins. (The date the upgrade is available in your app store may vary.)

If you have enabled automatic app updates on your device, Duo Mobile will update automatically. Otherwise, manually update Duo Mobile.

The redesigned Duo Mobile:

  • Updates the position of the Approve / Deny buttons so that Approve is on the right.
  • Adds a landscape view, variable font sizes, and improved color contrast. 
  • Provides clear guidance on restoring your accounts if you get a new phone.
  • Makes it easier to find and manage your accounts with a simpler interface.

Here is a comparison showing the redesigned app:

old app screen and new app screen; Accept and Deny are now buttons and switched to right and left

Information & Support

See the NetID+ website for information and how-to’s about campus 2-factor authentication options, and to enroll your devices.

If you experience issues with NetID+ or need assistance, contact the 24/7 Support Center:

  • Call (520) 626-TECH (8324)
  • Start a chat at
  • Visit the 24/7 Lounge, Main Library, lower level