Unemployment Insurance Fraud and Job Offer Phishing

Jan. 29, 2021

Beware the latest common scams

The beginning of a new semester is a common time for faculty, staff, and students to become the targets of cybercriminals. We urge you to stay alert for two scams in particular that are currently impacting our campus community.

  • Identity thieves are filing umemployment benefits claims in the name of members of the University community. You may be notified by email from the Division of Human Resources or an email or postal mail from the Arizona Department of Economic Security. If this happens to you, follow the steps outlined by the Division of Human Resources to protect yourself from this fraud.
  • Phishers are sending emails about student job opportunities that are attempts to get banking or other private information from those who reply. You can see numerous examples of current scam messages at the University’s Phishing Alerts webpage.

Please stay alert for these and other attempts to take advantage of your personal, financial, or restricted information. Be especially way of email that looks like it came from someone at the University but has the [EXT] and External Email flags. The University’s Phishing webpage has more helpful tips and resources.