UAccess Employee Upgrades

Jan. 27, 2022

Enhanced search and customizable homepages coming this weekend to UAccess Employee

On Saturday, January 29, UAccess Employee will be upgraded to bring enhancements that are helpful to users with elevated access to the system. To complete this upgrade, UAccess Employee will be unavailable from Friday, January 28, 5:00 PM, to Saturday, January 29, 5:00 PM.

Below are the new advanced features you will notice. Watch these features in action in this UAccess Employee Upgrade manager video.

Navigation Just Became Easier

  • The navigation bar now displays the navigation path.
  • Navigation links (breadcrumbs) are available to move back up the menu hierarchy to a menu folder.
  • The menu can be personalized to display the menu items in alphabetical order.
  • You can now open a new window to keep multiple screens open.

The following additional user-interface features are also included. Watch these features in action in a video for all employees.

Enhanced Global Search

  • A Global Search box now appears in the center of the page and can now be your primary means of navigation.
  • One click in the search bar, immediately displays search suggestions that narrow as you type.
  • Menu item descriptions and labels have been improved.
  • Search suggestions are presented based on your recently visited menu items combined with those of others using the system.
  • As you type, the search suggestions narrow to applicable results.

Personalize Your Homepage

  • Users can customize their homepages including the My Homepage via personalization. If you do not see the My Homepage or it is blank, you can create one via personalization.
  • The homepage now includes a quick access bar on the left, which provides one-click access to Your Favorites and Most Recently Visited pages.
  • Select the homepage selector on the left or the previous/next buttons of the new homepage navigator on the right to navigate between your homepages.

We hope you will take a few extra minutes to explore these wonderful new enhancements that are sure to make your use of UAccess Employee more personalized.