Quickstart 2.0 unifies University's online experience

Oct. 4, 2021

The improvements in Quickstart 2.0 were developed by the Arizona Digital working group

Arizona Digital meeting

Lo Que Pasa recently ran a feature about Arizona Digital's work on Quickstart 2.0. 

While many enjoyed the usual slowdown that comes with summer break, a team of web developers from units across campus went full speed ahead on improving the tools that anyone in the University community can use to create websites. The result: Quickstart 2.0.

The Arizona Digital working group designed Quickstart as a shared resource that can meet the online needs of the many different and diverse campus units, while also ensuring web accessibility and security and creating a consistent look from page to page that will strengthen the University's online brand.

The new system – an improved version of Quickstart 1.0 – should provide a more unified experience for anyone who builds, maintains, updates or just uses University webpages.

"There are a couple of different pieces to it. For end users, having a more cohesive look and feel as they navigate around the University will help them feel like they're part of the same brand and having the same experience," said Cameron Green, a program manageer with Campus Web Services. "From a professional standpoint, developers and editors 

who work on one website will be able to work on another website and be familiar with the way that it's built and the way that it functions, so it provides that kind of unified experience as well."

Green's fellow Arizona Digital member and self-proclaimed Quickstart "evangelist," Shoshana Mayden, associate director for web management in Marketing and Brand Management, cites flexibility and adaptability as significant advantages of the new system. 


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