Prioritizing Mental Health this Season

Dec. 1, 2023
Prioritizing Mental Health - Header

Technology and mental health at first don’t sound like they have much in common, but the more the two are dissected, it’s evident there are more similarities than nuances regarding how these two human essentials work at their best, most optimal performance. With any piece of technology, for it to achieve top-quality performance, operating on the latest update and to continue to store important information, every now and then, a reboot is needed. People are no different, especially around the holiday season. 

We’ve made it through almost an entire year of hard work, collaboration, and immense growth in UITS. Multiple projects have been successfully launched, continued, and refined which has been a major undertaking for teams. With all that commitment, it’s important for everyone to not only take care of daily work-related responsibilities but elevate mental health as well. 

Unplugging, disconnecting, and prioritizing your mental health and the things in your personal lives that give you purpose and energy is a top priority, and making mental health resources readily available is important to ensure this unit knows mental health and rest prioritization is paramount. There are multiple things to do to prioritize mental health this holiday season. 

  • Eat well – nourish your body and make sure you’re taking in enough good, healthy food throughout the day to give you the energy (and rest) needed. 
  • Get organized. Don’t wait until a New Year’s Resolution to declutter. Organizing not only frees up space in your home but also your mind. 
  • Calm your mind – If television is your avenue of decompression, that is perfectly acceptable! However, consider incorporating 10 minutes a night three times a week to breathwork and silence. There are a medley of apps that can help with this, such as the Calm app. 
  • Utilize your circle of trust – Surround yourself with those who make you feel best and set clear boundaries with difficult friends and family members. 
  • Move your body – set daily goals on steps and exercise. In this line of work, sitting at a desk for long hours every day is normal. Prioritize movement to feel your best and take breaks getting outside, even just for some fresh air. 
  • Take your paid time off – PTO is a part of your benefits and can often be a benefit employees feel guilty taking. Take the necessary time to reset and tend to the things you want/need to. 

We know the holidays bring a sense of joy for many, but can be an incredibly difficult, stressful, and emotionally taxing season for others for a variety of reasons. For those having a hard holiday season, take advantage of the free therapy included in the University benefits. There’s no need to go through difficult seasons alone without someone to talk to. 

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