New Home for Borrow Technology in the Student Success District

Oct. 5, 2022

Gear available for checkout at no charge


The Borrow Technology program is part of the the Rhonda G. Tubbs Tech Toolshed in the new Student Success District. Situated in the lower level of the Main Library, the area is brightly lit, with simple wooden tables reminiscent of Apple Store design; large wooden steps elegantly descend from a hole cut in the ceiling doubling as a study area and lecturing area. 

Lined with high end cameras, 3D printing machines, laptops, and audio and video equipment and associated tech, the space invites visitors to wander the space and be aware of tech they can borrow.

"We wanted to let students know that these things are available to you, rather have them sit in a back-room closet," said Travis Teetor, manager of Borrow Technology. The program recently expanded with the audio and video equipment from the former UITS Gear-to-Go program.
Borrow Tech is always updating and procuring more inventory. "If somebody comes to the desk and asks for something that we aren't able to provide, we track data on that. And then if we can, we will supplement our program," said Teetor. "For example, iPads have picked up in popularity as people use them as drawing tablets or note-taking devices. Now, we're back to buying more of them. I'm constantly looking at the user data to make decisions on how to augment our program."
Along with Borrow Tech on the lower level, there are multiple suites dedicated to teleconferencing and presentations, including practice presentation rooms. These rooms are available to students to simulate the same technology that instructors use in classrooms to gain experience presenting, and the ability to record their presentations. 

If you need help working with Borrow Technology’s cameras or 3D scanners—or working with the files you generate with them—OSCR’s Zone computer lab is on the other side of the aisle. Lab consultants in the Zone specialize in creative software and 3D. 

“The technology in the library is available to the entire University community, Teetor mused. “This is what libraries do—we are the great equalizer. We let anybody come in and use our equipment which results in some interesting collaborations."

Students, staff, and faculty are eligible to borrow this equipment at any time, through reservation or ad hoc. Borrow Tech is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to midnight.

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