May the Fourth Be With You

May 8, 2023

CIO Division's spring social honors Employee Service Award recipients

Star Wars

The CIO Division's annual spring social event, May the Fourth Be With You, was a festive gathering that brought together staff to celebrate the outstanding contributions of the Division's employees while honoring the 2023 Employee Service Award recipients. The event title parodies the Star Wars phrase that the movie’s fans love to claim as a holiday. It was a joyful opportunity for colleagues to mingle and have fun while recognizing their peers' exceptional accomplishments.

The Employee Engagement Council sponsored the afternoon affair, which featured accolades for teams and individuals who made exceptional contributions to the Division and University. Culinary Dropout provided the perfect backdrop for the festivities, which included awards for serious achievements as well as amusing certificates of merit for extraordinary feats.

Over 110 people attended the Star Wars-inspired event, with some staff members dressing up in their favorite Star Wars attire and even staging a lightsaber duel.

Against a backdrop of food and conviviality, the award presentation ceremony commenced, with Chief Information Officer (CIO) Barry Brummund presenting 37 service awards, representing an impressive 520 years of combined service to the University. Brummund expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with the award recipients.

“I'd like to thank and congratulate everyone on everything they have done for the University," stated Brummund. "Our heart—our people—are what makes the University great.”

The Employee Engagement Council received praise from their colleagues for their successful organization of the event. Karina Mc Cune, a EEC co-chair and manager of operations in Support Services, expressed the council's gratitude for the opportunity to recognize and celebrate their co-workers' contributions. "We felt it was essential to have an event to recognize and celebrate our contributions. EEC is also grateful for our co-workers' in-person and remote participation in the event."

The event provided an opportunity for colleagues to come together in person. Many expressed how much they needed to see their co-workers and how the event allowed them to meet new staff members. Mc Cune remarked, "It was a great ending to an academic year since May 4 marked the end of the Spring 2023 semester. Thank you! It was a success because of you, because of all of us."

Please join us in extending your congratulations to our colleagues for their exceptional service, unwavering commitment, and enthusiasm.

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