Eller.arizona.edu case study

Nov. 1, 2023
Eller Site Screenshot

The University of Arizona’s annual IT Summit, held in August, amassed over 500 talented IT-focused attendees and offered incredible, innovative sessions and keynotes. Each session was well attended and knowledge-inducing. Case studies were particularly riveting at the summit, and the spotlight shined on the website redesign for the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management website was a high-interest conversation.

In 2019, Eller went through a major redesign, using Quickstart, and the program managers focused heavily on the user experience and streamlining the information for a more cohesive look and feel and easier access to information. This required the meshing of 36 different websites for all their different departments.

As one can imagine, consolidating so many departments and a vast amount of information comes with several challenges. The main difficulty was that the merging of so much information was a big lift from a tactical and administrative perspective and changed the user experience. Not all change is quickly embraced, especially when users have grown accustomed to a previous design and process. However, the several benefits outweighed with challenges.

Consolidating the websites ensured the following benefits:

  • Easier for target audiences to find information
  • Easier for users to maintain the web presence
  • Ensure the brand’s voice, tone, and messaging are consistent

Lawrence Redman, IT Specialist, shared his perspective on why this consolidation was a necessary step for ease of use. “It has made it easier for our target audiences to find us. By consolidating data, you can start playing that Google optimization game and playing the SEO roles of the world, and then finally, start making your way to your target audiences.”

Learn more about how campus units can partner with Campus Web Services to expand Quickstart possibilities and listen to the  full presentation.

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