Arizona Hosts MOR IT Leadership Program

March 16, 2022

Five universities meet for first of year long leadership building sessions.

Participants gather outside of MOR event

The University of Arizona hosted the first meeting of the 2022 MOR Leadership Program last week, with Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, Washington University in Saint Louis, and UC Davis as participants and guests.

The program is a comprehensive, year long program specifically for IT professionals that offers a proven approach to building leaders that combines feedback, individual development goals, one-on-one coaching, workshop instruction, and applied learning. Participants map out leadership journeys and the tools they need to accomplish their development goals, while building personal and professional relationships with others from the program.  

Topics of conversation vary from session to session. To kick off the program, participants conversed about their individual universities, leadership goals, and presence within meetings, along with plenty of time for self-reflection and group presentations.

Staff from UITS participated in the this month's three day program, with Brett Bendickson and Nikolas Glazier Hodge giving talks about their personal insights and gains about their experiences. 

"While the 2022 MOR program just finished our first session," says participant Rhonda Royse, Assistant Director Identity and Integrations, "the relationships that have been built, the tools we have been provided, and the support we have received from the MOR organization is inspirational. I am excited and looking forward to the next nine months of this leadership course." 

Future meetings will be held virtually and in person at UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon campuses.