ASITS Vision & Guiding Principles

The ASITS program strengthens institutional resiliency and agility both through the secure technologies we are deploying and the increased communication and collaboration the project is engendering across the University.

Prioritizing People & Processes Icon

Prioritize People & Processes

  • Agility to allow rapid deployment of new technologies in support of better evolved IT capabilities
  • Enabling clearer service capabilities and ease of processes  
  • Resiliency for our faculty/staff to stay ahead in the everchanging cybersecurity landscape
  • Enhanced transparency in available resources in enterprise IT services
Modernize Enterprise IT Services Icon

Modernize Enterprise IT Services

  • Modernizing enterprise services will improve coordination and streamline operations and better service delivery
  • Ability to adapt to evolving business needs and cybersecurity threats in real-time 
  • Easier management of risk with clearer accountability 
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Enhance Security

  • A holistic approach to IT services will allow for easier identification of potential vulnerabilities
  • Enhancing safety of information (e.g., intellectual property and critical research) from cyber threats
  • Strengthening our security posture and ensuring trust in the university’s processes, data, and research partners
  • Improved security to easily meet regulatory agency and research partners requirements
Opportunities for Innovation and Collaboration Icon

Opportunities for Innovation and Collaboration

  • Opportunities for more automation reduces repetitive tasks, allowing more time for higher value work
  • Opportunities to reduce duplication of services
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Consistent Enterprise User Experience

  • Providing consistency in service quality and increasing clarity in roles/responsibilities among users
  • Improving coordination, cross collaboration, and consistency of operations
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