ASITS Program Team

ASITS Program Team

ASITS Program Leadership

Lanita Collette
Chief Information Security Officer, Deputy CIO

Susan Legg
Executive Director, Infrastructure Technologies

Maysoon Eshelman
Executive Director, Campus IT Partnership

Sandy Spakoski
Program Manager

Nikolas Glazier Hodge
Enterprise Architect

Ron Recinto
Communications Specialist

Secure Network

Dragana Vasic
Service Owner

Identity & Access Management

Rhonda Royse
Service Owner

Technology Lifecycle Care

Jeff Albano
Service Owner

Managed Cloud Services & Campus Cloud Infrastructure

Jon Kozik
Service Owner

Navigators are business relationship partners who are responsible for building and brokering relationships with stakeholders and creating communities to encourage collaborative engagement across the university. They serve as a single point of contact for navigating UITS services and support.

Each college and division will be assigned a Navigator and the set of colleges and divisions assigned to each Navigator will be organized along similar lines of business.

To accomplish these objectives, Navigator responsibilities include:

  • Deeply knowing and understanding the unit needs, priorities, and concerns
  • Promoting relationships between units and across the community
  • Managing conflict resolutions (i.e. escalating questions or service tickets)
  • Communicating new and emerging business needs to UITS service teams
  • Meeting regularly with each assigned unit
  • Facilitating regular monthly/quarterly meetings with all units in their community

CITP Navigators support service managers and teams by enabling IT to be a more proactive, responsive and strategic service provider for the University of Arizona.

College/Division Navigator
Arizona Experiment Station Tyson Keith
Arizona International Tyson Keith
Arizona Public Media Stella Le
Arts Presenting & Engagement Stella Le
AZ Health Sci Ctrs & Divisions Veronica Johnson
Az Health Sciences Division Veronica Johnson
Business Affairs Division Seth Pederson
Campus Health and Wellness Veronica Johnson
Col Arch Plan & Landscape Arch Tyson Keith
College of Agric and Life Sci Tyson Keith
College of Applied Sci & Tech Stella Le
College of Education Stella Le
College of Engineering Tyson Keith
College of Fine Arts Stella Le
College of Humanities Stella Le
College of Medicine - Phoenix Veronica Johnson
College of Medicine - Tucson Veronica Johnson
College of Nursing Veronica Johnson
College of Public Health Veronica Johnson
College of Science Asya Roberts
College of Social & Behav Sci Stella Le
College of Veterinary Medicine Tyson Keith
Cooperative Extension Tyson Keith
Division of Budget & Planning Seth Pederson
Division of Sustainability Seth Pederson
Eller College of Management Stella Le
Facilities Management Seth Pederson
Finance Strategy & Solutions Seth Pederson
Financial Services Seth Pederson
Graduate College Stella Le
Housing & Residential Life Seth Pederson
Human Resources Division Seth Pederson
Intercollegiate Athletics Div Stella Le
Internal Audit Seth Pederson
iSchool Stella Le
James C Wyant Coll Optical Sci Tyson Keith
James E Rogers College of Law Tyson Keith
Libraries Tyson Keith
Parking and Transportation Seth Pederson
Planning & Operations-Phoenix Seth Pederson
Planning Design & Construction Seth Pederson
R Ken Coit College of Pharmacy Veronica Johnson
RII Centers & Institutes Asya Roberts
RII Museums Division Asya Roberts
RII Research Infrastructure Asya Roberts
Risk Management and Safety Div Seth Pederson
Student Unions Seth Pederson
Tech Launch Arizona Asya Roberts
Tech Parks Division Seth Pederson
UA Assoc Students Bookstore Seth Pederson
UArizona Global Campus College Seth Pederson
University Police Department Seth Pederson

Asya Roberts
  • College of Science
  • RII Centers & Institutes
  • RII Museums Division
  • RII Research Infrastructure
  • Tech Launch Arizona

Seth Pederson
  • Business Affairs Division
  • Division of Budget & Planning
  • Division of Sustainability
  • Facilities Management
  • Finance Strategy & Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Housing & Residential Life
  • Human Resources Division
  • Internal Audit
  • Parking and Transportation
  • Planning & Operations-Phoenix
  • Planning Design & Construction
  • Risk Management and Safety Div
  • Student Unions
  • Tech Parks Division
  • UA Assoc Students Bookstore
  • UArizona Global Campus College
  • University Police Department

Stella Le
  • Arizona Public Media
  • Arts Presenting & Engagement
  • College of Applied Sci & Tech
  • College of Education
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Humanities
  • College of Social & Behav Sci
  • Eller College of Management
  • Graduate College
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Div
  • iSchool

Tyson Keith
  • Arizona Experiment Station
  • Arizona International
  • Col Arch Plan & Landscape Arch
  • College of Agric and Life Sci
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Cooperative Extension
  • James C Wyant Coll Optical Sci
  • James E Rogers College of Law
  • Libraries

Veronica Johnson
  • AZ Health Sci Ctrs & Divisions
  • Az Health Sciences Division
  • Campus Health and Wellness
  • College of Medicine - Phoenix
  • College of Medicine - Tucson
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Public Health
  • R Ken Coit College of Pharmacy

For have any questions or would like more information on the Navigator Program,
please reach out to Maysoon Eshelman, Executive Director, Campus IT Partnerships, at

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