ASITS Onboarding

ASITS has a full team dedicated to supporting your onboarding experience. Through the phased approach, you'll have full visibility and participation into the transition allowing for a smooth launch of the program.

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UITS Service Managers will work with College or Division to evaluate the specifics of their technology portfolio.

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UITS will work with each unit to develop a migration strategy that aligns according to resources and priorities.

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Training and Documentation

As part of the planning and migration progress, campus partners will have access to the documentation, resources, and training needed for a smooth transition.

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Migration requests are activated, audience-specific communications are in place, and transition work is tested/validated by both UITS and unit teams.

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UITS and the College or Division will then operate under a shared responsibility model in support of a stable and secure technology ecosystem.

ASITS has a dedicated inbox.  -  If you have any questions, please email the ASITS inbox by contacting

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