ASITS College/Division Liaisons

The ASITS program is working with the 72 University units to transition each to the new secure services based on their needs. To accomplish this, each unit has named a liaison as a contact point to collect and coordinate their organization's needs.

College/Division Primary Liaison Alternate Liaison
Academic Administration Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Academic Affairs Division Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Arizona Experiment Station Matt Rahr Eric Lyons
Arizona International Travis Zwickl Yuwen Wang
Arizona Online and Distance Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Arizona Public Media Ian McSpadden Jason Katterhenry
Arts Presenting & Engagement Cy Barlow Sharon Young
AZ Health Sci Ctrs & Divisions Ed Xia David Elmer
Az Health Sciences Division Ed Xia David Elmer
Business Affairs Division Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Campus Health and Wellness Mike Resnick Jesse Davidson
Campus Life Administration Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Campus Recreation Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Col Arch Plan & Landscape Arch Lucas Guthrie Adam Katz
College of Agric and Life Sci Matt Rahr Eric Lyons
College of Applied Sci & Tech Jason Denno Stephen Gallo
College of Education Michael Griffith Caleb Stump
College of Engineering Leo Enfield Jesse Stengel
College of Fine Arts Cy Barlow Sharon Young
College of Humanities Bart Rossmann Toni Alexander
College of Medicine - Phoenix Bev Spink Janet Sabuco
College of Medicine - Tucson Ed Xia Jason Marr
College of Nursing Steve Machtley Peg Kearney
College of Public Health David Gay Jason Hollister
College of Science Mike Morris Christina Carbone
College of Social & Behav Sci Lizeth Mora Anna Walsh
College of Veterinary Medicine Kathy McCarthy Colin Rogow
Cooperative Extension Matt Rahr Eric Lyons
Dean of Students Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Disability Resource Center Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Div Equity, Incl, Title IX Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Div of Native Am. Advancement Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Div of Secretary of the Univ Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Diversity and Inclusion Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Division of Budget & Planning Dan Mayhew Carlson Factory
Division of Sustainability Dan Mayhew Carlson Factory
Eller College of Management Bryant Parker Chris Jansmann
Enrollment Services Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Exec Ofc of the President Div Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Facilities Management Drennen Brown Chris Kopach
Financial Services Dan Mayhew Carlson Factory
General Counsel Division Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Graduate College Patrick Barabe Michael (Mike) Yuen
Housing & Residential Life Jose Fragoso Dana Robbins-Murray
Human Resources Division Karl Timmermann Staci Wilson
Intercollegiate Athletics Div Krystal Swindlehurst Jeff Kohler
Internal Audit Dan Mayhew Carlson Factory
James C Wyant Coll Optical Sci Ashley Bidegain Justin Walker
James E Rogers College of Law Michael Wagenheim Garnette Knoll
Libraries Steven Chang Sarah Shreeves
Marketing Communications Div Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Parking and Transportation Michael Medina Jim Sayre
Phoenix Biomedical Campus Bev Spink Janet Sabuco
Planning & Operations-Phoenix Dan Mayhew Alex Alvarez
Planning Design & Construction Drennen Brown Randy Mathews
R Ken Coit College of Pharmacy James Bond  
RII Centers/Institutes/Museums/FORGE Elliott Cheu  
RII Research Development Connie Gardner Nate Gahr
RII Research Operations Sangita Pawar Chris Dickey
RII Research, Innovation & Impact Betsy Cantwell Barney Maccabe
RII Tech Launch Arizona Grace Ratje Chris Dickey
Risk Management and Safety Div Dan Mayhew Miguel Delgado
Stud Success Retention Innov Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Student Unions Michael Medina Mario Uribe
Tech Parks Division Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
UA Assoc Students Bookstore Michael Medina Mario Uribe
Undergraduate Education Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
Univ Info Tech Services Div Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
University Police Department Armando Ortiz Bob Sommerfeld
Vice Provost Acad Affrs Div Melody Buckner Mark Bryant
W.A. Franke Honors College Chris Dickey Alex Alvarez
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