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If you did not get an email invite, or if you have a colleague who would be interested in attending, email Mary Veres at mveres@arizona.edu to get an invitation sent.

August 6
Keynotes, presentations, networking, and more 

August 7 
Workshops and presentations with remote livestreams

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Our goal is to ensure we provide technology services, resources and support that you may need as a student, a researcher, or faculty at the University.

IT for Students

Find all the technology services, resources, and support you need as a student at the University in one place.

IT for Faculty/Staff

An overview of the digital resources available to faculty and staff.

IT for Researchers

Find the computational resources, services, and support you need to conduct research at the University.

IT for Technology Staff

What you need to know as an IT professional at the University.

Find IT Services

A-Z listing or services, or filter to technology category.

Find IT services

Get Support

Help via phone, chat, submitting a ticket, or lobby visit.

Get IT Support

Secure Computing

See the latest phishing scams, report an incident, get security tips, find security policies, and more.

Security @ Arizona

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