October 25th Blood Drive

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Did you know you were a Superhero with superpowers running through your veins?

It's a fact!!

You carry within you a life saving power that is so easy to share. By becoming a blood donor you can save up to 3 lives in just 45 minutes! It's that easy!

About 1 in 7 people who enter a hospital need blood. The need for blood is so high that every two seconds, someone in the U.S. has a need that often goes unmet. All it takes is one pint to be a superhero. Your superpower donation can save lives in a multitude of ways. One pint of blood can be separated into several live saving components: red blood cells, plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitate. Red blood cells carry oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies. Then they make the return trip, taking carbon dioxide back to our lungs to be exhaled. People with a low red blood cell count can take longer to heal and recover from injury or illness. Plasma is a pale yellow mixture of water, proteins and salts. Platelets promote blood clotting and give those with leukemia and other cancers a chance to live. Give others a chance to live, donate and become a SUPERHERO!

As a donor you will have the opportunity to know exactly where your donations is used. You will know the city, state and hospital your life saving donation ends up.

Join us Tuesday, October 25th as we help save lives and become Superheroes in the process! 

University of Arizona - Student Union North Ballroom from 9am - 4pm


Don't wait, Register Early to reserve your time slot. 
Bring a friend and multiply your life saving superpower!


Note: During Registration, you will be asked to choose between a "Power Red" or "Blood" donation. If this is your first time or you are unsure of your eligibility for a Power Red donation, please choose: "Blood Donation"

Power Red: A Power Red donation collects the red cells but returns most of the plasma and platelets to the donor. These donors must meet specific eligibility requirements and have type A Neg, B Neg, or O blood.

Blood: The most common type of donation, during which approximately a pint of 'whole blood' is given. This type of blood donation usually takes about an hour.

For any questions regarding eligibility, or donating please visit:
Or call 1-855-210-1278.

Learn More About Different Types of Donations


Can I walk-in to this event and donate?
Although walk-in donations are always welcomed, we strongly encourage donors to register prior to this event in order to expedite the process when they arrive. Walk-ins may experience longer than usual wait times.  

Can I donate at another location?
Donors can register and donate at any of the locations offered by the Red Cross. However, any donations outside of this event will not count towards our donation goal.

Will designated parking be available for the blood drive?
No, designated parking will not be available.

Will I have to pay for the parking?
All-day parking voucher will be provided to donors during check-in.

Can I use my donor parking vouchers on future day?
Donor parking vouchers are only valid for Oct 25th the day of the drive.


What location on campus can I work if I opt to come for the blood drive?
Workspace will be available in bldg. 73. Additional information coming soon.

Can DCCs and Contractors volunteer?
Yes, DCCs and Contractors can participate. However, hours cannot be charged to the UA.

Can student workers volunteer?
Yes, all UITS employees including student workers can volunteer.

What time reporting code should I use on my timesheet?
UITS Employees should report volunteer time as regular time (REG for positive time reporters or STU for student workers). If you have additional questions, please contact Assistant Director for HR, Chris Wolf cwolf@arizona.edu

What are the days the UA Cares Campaign runs this year?
UA Cares Campaign runs from September 30th to November 4th.

What are other ways I can support this cause?
You could support this cause by donating via payroll deduction during the UA Cares Campaign. To sign-up for payroll deduction, go to uaccess.arizona.edu, click on the UA Cares tile under UA Employee Main homepage and use the Red Cross Employee Identification Code  53-0196605.

Facts About Blood and Blood Types

What to Do Before, During and After Your Donation

Are you a First Time Donor?

What happens to the donated blood?

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