@Arizona Email Transition

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Email, Login and Content Sharing Changes Friday, July 8 - Sunday, July 10, 2022

Three important changes to IT services will occur during the weekend of July 8-10:

  1. UArizona student CatMail email: The University will complete its rollout of the arizona.edu email domain by moving student email to @arizona.edu. Recipients of emails from UArizona students will see the “From:” email address of the UArizona student sender formatted as [netid]@arizona.edu instead of the prior “From:” email address format of [netid]@email.arizona.edu. Students will still receive email sent to [netid]@email.arizona.edu
  2. Login: All UArizona faculty, staff, students and Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) will need to use the [netid]@arizona.edu format as their login identifier, instead of the prior format of [netid]@email.arizona.edu, when prompted to to enter email address to sign into:
    • Adobe (Adobe Sign, Acrobat DC, Creative Cloud)
    • Google
    • Microsoft (OneDrive, Office 365 (office.com, outlook.office.com etc., Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.))

  3. Content Sharing: When using the services listed below to successfully share content with other UArizona faculty, staff, students and DCCs, the person sharing the content will need to use the user identifier format of [netid]@arizona.edu, instead of the prior format [netid]@email.arizona.edu:
    • Box
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Zoom (e.g., meeting co-hosts)


What to Know

These changes will happen automatically during the maintenance window scheduled from Friday, July 8 at 6 p.m. through Sunday, July 10 at 7 p.m.

    • Any university login where you use your full email.arizona.edu address, you should now use yourNetID@arizona.edu.
    • Third-party applications you have signed up for with your netid@email.arizona.edu will not automatically be updated. You may want to update third-party applications to reflect your netid@arizona.edu email address.
    • CatMail users include students, alumni and former students.
    • CatMail users will still receive messages sent to @email.arizona.edu.
    • There is no impact or change to other campus addresses, like @u.arizona.edu, @cals.arizona.edu, etc.
    • Moving CatMail student email to @arizona.edu is the final step in adopting @arizona.edu as the primary email address for doing business at the University for a simplified branding and email experience.
    • Faculty, staff, DCCs, student worker Catworks, and emeritus already migrated to the @arizona domain in 2020.


Service Availability

Most major university systems will be available but will experience degraded performance during this transition. Please see the chart below for more details.

Service Maintenance Window July 8-10
D2L Available
Email and collaboration tools such as Adobe, Box, Google, Office 365 and Zoom Degraded availability and performance. Email delivery may be delayed.
Integrations with D2L Impacted: UITS is working with book publishers and other downstream academic technology vendors to minimize impact.
UAccess Student and Employee Unavailable evening July 8 to early July 9

Please plan accordingly by minimizing activity within University systems during this time.


Frequently Asked Questions

The only change will be that the address students send from will be [netid]@arizona.edu. People can send email to [netid]@arizona.edu or [netid]@email.arizona.edu and it will be delivered to the student's inbox. 

Now that arizona.edu will be recognized by the student email system, student workers who get an employee email account (Office 365) will use catworks.arizona.edu for their employee email. (The issue will still occur that email sent from UArizona faculty/staff from University work accounts will go to the student's work account. See more.

UITS will update all email.arizona.edu addresses on Sympa lists to be arizona.edu addresses. This way, students will be able to send from their student email address and have Sympa recognize them as a subscriber. 

There will be no change. Faculty, staff, and DCCs already send as arizona.edu and receive email sent to arizona.edu or email.arizona.edu.

Some campus online services require you to enter your email to be recognized as a member of the University of Arizona. Often this will redirect you to the University Webauth system to log in. 

With the change, you will use [netid]@arizona.edu as your identifier. 

If you signed up for a service outside the University using [netid]@email.arizona.edu as your username/contact, that will not change. 

The exception is if you log in using your @email.arizona.edu address as a Google identifier for services that offer "Sign in with Google." For Google to recognize your University account, use [netid]@arizona.edu.

Currently, you use [netid]@email.arizona.edu if you want to share or collaborate. For example, you share a Box folder or file with a colleague, or register for a Zoom meeting or add a co-host with [netid]@email.arizona.edu. 

After the change, you will use [netid]@arizona.edu. 



Talk to your departmental IT staff or contact the 24/7 Support Center with questions.